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About Us

In March of 2020 at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Jet Bonanno, a Junior in college was faced with the dilemma to either stay at college or move home to be with his 16 year old brother who was fighting neuroblastoma cancer. Jet chose to give up his college life to be at home with his brother Talon. During this time, the whole family was on a strict quarantine, due to Talon's low immune system.  

After weeks of being stuck in the house, Jet came across a youtube video of a guy selling microwave pizzas from his house on Uber Eats. Although Jet was not a cook and never worked in a restaurant, he thought to try it out. 

In May of 2020, he began cooking food from his parents kitchen and selling the food on Doordash. Instantly Jet's was a popular late night spot to order. Within two months, Doordash drivers were lined up down the street at all hours of the night. His neighbors loved it!

Eventually the home kitchen was shut down by the city, which led to the purchase of a food trailer. In October of 2020, Jet, Trent, Talon, and Lexi Bonanno opened up the food trailer and began selling food on Doordash again. Launching three additional virtual brands, Chicken Nerd, Diogi's Dogs, and Fries, business continued to grow. 

After working 7 days a week for 9 months in the food trailer, Jet's was finally able to acquire a brick & mortar location in Midtown Sacramento. On December 10th 2021, Jet's American Grill & Bar opened to the public, making founder Jet Bonanno the youngest bar owner in the country at 22 years old. 

Jet's American Grill & Bar continues to be a family owned and operated business that is proud to be serving the Sacramento community.